Hannibal Season 4 is finally in the works. Maybe.

Following his pitch meeting with co-stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller is now brainstorming ideas for a fourth season with executive producer Martha De Laurentiis.

Fuller had previously teased that he was planning to further explore the relationship of his title villain, Hannibal Lecter (Mikkelson) and FBI profiler Will Graham (Dancy), but that there were obstacles in place that would prevent them from really moving forward on anything — namely, the need to wait two years after the third season finale air date, so that NBC's rights to the series would lapse.

Now that this time period has nearly lapsed, Fuller and De Laurentiis appear to be putting their heads together to discuss the potential future of the show. Over the weekend, De Laurentiis tweeted a picture of them together with a Hannibal doll and captioned it, "Meeting of the minds" with the hashtag "#Fannibals" in reference to the series' devoted fanbase.

Last week, in response to a fan's inquiry about an update on Hannibal Season 4, Fuller tweeted that De Laurentiis "has started those conversations," but cautioned "This takes time.

Fuller and De Laurentiis currently work together on his Starz series American Gods, so some have predicted that the pay-cable network may be a desirable new home for the gritty series.