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Grey's Anatomy: The Season of Love Will Be a Bit of a Curse for Owen and His Love Triangle

How is this "unexpected" dynamic going to play out?

Megan Vick

The upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy is going to be the season of love, but that could end up being more of a curse than a blessing for some characters. Specifically, Owen (Kevin McKidd) is at the center of a love triangle involving Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Teddy (Kim Raver), the latter of whom has returned to Seattle with a bun in the oven.

If that weren't enough drama, Teddy will be both Owen's and Amelia's boss when the show returns later in September, since she appears to have taken over as the interim Chief of Surgery while Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is on a research sabbatical.

"I will definitely say the dynamic between Teddy and Owen is going to be complicated and amazing and interesting -- and not what people are expecting," Kim Raver told TV Guide during the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August.

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However, it will likely be a slow explosion of drama since Owen is still figuring out his feelings for Amelia after the two reconnected following the removal of her brain tumor. They are raising a teenager and her infant son together when the show returns.

"Owen's quite happy at the start of the season," McKidd revealed to a small group of reporters in August. "[He] and Amelia are kind of, starting to do this very adult thing and selfless thing -- being a foster parent and taking care of Betty. I think it's drawing them closer together and making them realize maybe there is some legs to this relationship."

Still, having your pregnant ex back in the workplace can't be a comfortable situation, regardless of one's romantic feelings. "Her being the interim chief, as she said at the end of the season, will make things pretty tough for Owen," McKidd teased. "You think things are moving in that direction, and then things will change. So, it's not going to be as simple as that. Owen's definitely going to be under some pressure for a while."

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Even before Teddy and Owen can talk about her unannounced pregnancy, though, he will have to deal with the fact that he made a major mistake when he took that impromptu trip to Germany to tell Teddy he was in love with her without thinking it through.

"He spoke too much. He said too much. And he deserved to be kicked out on the street," McKidd explained. "It's going to be a rocky road for them for a while."

Are you ready for the ride?

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c with a special two-hour premiere on ABC.

Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone, Grey's Anatomy​

Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone, Grey's Anatomy

Richard Cartwright, ABC