April's exit from Grey's Anatomy was a bittersweet pill to swallow, especially for those of us who believed she belonged with Jackson (Jesse Williams). After all, they still loved and supported each other despite breaking up and are permanently linked through their daughter Harriet. So seeing her walk off into the sunset with Matthew (Justin Bruening) while knowing she wouldn't be returning to the show felt like a pile of bricks on the chest. But for those of you who were heartbroken that April didn't get to enjoy her happy ending with Jackson, you're not alone. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Drew revealed that she, too, was upset about April and Jackson not ending up together.

"I was devastated that Jackson and April wasn't an endgame. I thought Jackson and April were meant to get back together and they were going to get married again and realize they'd been crazy and it was just going to be this long, slow burn," she told the trade. "But after thinking about it, there's a real sweetness to that story of April's faith. She ran off with Jackson and loved him and wouldn't regret a single second of that relationship because it made her heart grow and she got a beautiful daughter out of it. She grew as a woman and as a person of faith. All of that had to happen."

To be fair, April ending up with Matthew made perfect sense since Jackson was staying with the show and April's time on the medical drama was almost up. Even so, Drew noted April and Matthew's impromptu wedding at the end of Season 14 was a fitting farewell for both characters.

"There was something beautiful about the redemption story between April and Matthew. She hurt him worse than anybody had ever hurt him by walking away from him [at their wedding]. For there to be reconciliation from that scenario? That's a really beautiful redemption story that there could be forgiveness there. He lost his wife and then finds his first love again. It's lovely," Drew said.

Although April received her much-deserved happy ending on Grey's, Drew expressed some regret for how things went down with Matthew and more importantly, Jackson. "I wish that we had gotten to see more of their journey before they got married. I would've liked to play those scenes and I would've liked to have told that story in a more full way. I can see the beauty in it. But part of me will always be a little heartbroken that April and Jackson were not endgame," added Drew.

Same, Sarah. Same!

Grey's Anatomy returns with a two-hour Season 15 premiere Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c on ABC.