Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy was fittingly titled "Civil War," as Eliza Minnick's (Marika Dominczyk) presence continued to cause fissures among the doctors at Grey Sloan.

Most notably, Jackson (Jesse Williams) is prepared to start a full-blown fight with his mother Catherine (Debbie Allen), telling her that he's the true voice of the Avery Foundation and threatening to go over her head to the board, insisting on Webber's (James Pickens Jr.) reinstatement and Minnick's removal.

In retaliation, Catherine formed an alliance with April (Sarah Drew), who's still sore that her promotion to chief of general surgery was so short-lived. Catherine offers to take April to the Avery Trauma Center in Chicago (and get them tickets to see Hamilton while they're there), immediately sparking fear in Jackson and Webber that Catherine's next target is the trauma center at Grey Sloan.

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Jackson confronts his mother and asks how business can be more important to her than family. It seems like he's more than a little jealous that Catherine has taken a shine to April — but at the end of the episode, when he screams at April out of nowhere, it becomes clear that there's something else going on with him. What could it be? Meanwhile, Webber, who's been spending nights at the hospital, is mostly just upset that he's come between his wife and stepson.

Elsewhere, Alex (Justin Chambers) and Riggs (Martin Henderson) butt heads over whether or not to add a sick infant to a heart transplant list, with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) caught in the middle. When Riggs goes behind Alex's back in the hopes of saving the baby's life, Alex tells Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that she's better off not starting anything up with him because he's a "snake." Meredith, in turn, confronts Riggs about being a jerk to Alex, and says that's ill-advised if he wants to get anywhere with her (meaning, as Riggs points out, that there is somewhere to "get" with her).

Later, in the parking lot, Riggs tells Meredith flat-out that he's all in with her and can't stop thinking about her. He asks her to give him an answer when she knows for sure.

And Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) finally makes her not-so-triumphant return to the hospital, where she unsuccessfully avoids Owen (Kevin McKidd) for a while, and confesses that she's been staying away because she knows the "kids-or-no-kids" decision will probably result in the breakup of their marriage.

But the Most Awkward Moment award of the episode goes to Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Minnick, whose grand plans for a romantic date involving homemade pierogies get derailed when they're both exhausted at the end of the day and decide to take a quick moment to rest on the couch. That turns into them both falling asleep, and just as they wake up and start to kiss, Webber walks in. The look on his face at seeing Arizona's betrayal firsthand — especially after she turns down his earlier request to crash at her place by explaining she has a date — is heartbreaking.

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