Penn Badgley by Scott Gries/Getty Images Penn Badgley by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Thought the East-West rivalry went down with Biggie?

Think again. Soon after it was suggested that 90210 would stage an intervention to keep its female stars from shrinking before our eyes, Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley had something to say about it. He said he's "never been [a] proponent of the thin L.A. girls," reports Pop Eater.

Badgley contrasted 9-0's thin females to the "healthy" ladies of his NYC drama, who "aren't bone-thin," he said. The actor topped off his comments by echoing readers with one piece of advice to the Beverly Hills actresses: "I hope they eat a double cheeseburger or something."

Despite throwing down some regional fighting words, Badgley subscribes to his own philosophy. He's rumored to be dating one of those healthy (and gorgeous) Gossip girls, Blake Lively.

Badgley's comments may catalyze a little coastal rivalry, but they're wise words nonetheless. Yet, is he being too harsh on TV newest starlets? Or should more young stars be speaking out against tiny Hollywood bodies? - Anna Dimond

You don't have to choose sides: Get your Wu and your 'Pac with clips of Gossip Girl and 90210.

" 90210 Planning Intervention for "Too-Skinny" Starlets?