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Archie Panjabi and Scott Porter are combustible super sleuths that have the chemistry of Moonlighting's pre-hookup Mattie and David and the ruthlessness of Bonnie and Clyde. When The Good Wife's two warring legal investigators at Gardner, Lockhart & Bond share the screen, the heat is almost criminal. Panjabi (Kalinda) and Porter (Blake) share what makes them sizzle.

TV Guide Magazine: What makes Kalinda a hot sleuth?
Archie Panjabi: The boots.
Scott Porter: She's right in your face, and there's something about a confident woman.

TV Guide Magazine: What makes Blake a hot sleuth?
Panjabi: The fact that he can stare Kalinda right in the eye. Most people can't do that.
Porter: He's a bad boy. He breaks rules.

TV Guide Magazine: They're even more explosive together, eh?
Panjabi: What excites each of them is that they can't quite figure the other one out.
Porter: They're both used to always being in charge. But Blake never knows what Kalinda is going to do next and vice versa.

TV Guide Magazine: Is their chemistry lusty or lethal?
Porter: There's definitely a lot of chemistry there. But you can't figure out if it's quite violent or an attraction. There's a very fine line. Kalinda to Blake is a bit of a praying mantis. But there are moments between them that are just on fire.
Panjabi: The exciting element in their chemistry is that you can't quite pinpoint exactly what it is. Or where it's going. Scott and I play off our own chemistry, which can take scenes into very interesting areas that we never planned to go in.

TV Guide Magazine: It's often not clear if you're going to kiss each other or kill each other.
Panjabi: Mission accomplished.
Porter: Well done, Archie, Well done.

TV Guide Magazine: Despite the mutual loathing, is there love/lust played out in the future?
Panjabi: Scott is desperate to have that with me. Sorry, I had to throw that in!
Porter: I call the Kings every day on that.
Panjabi: It's really good that neither of us knows.

TV Guide Magazine: What really drives their competition?
Porter: You don't end up as good at what these people do and as fiercely private as these two people are without having something buried.
Panjabi: Kalinda's got some shady past that she's trying to run away from.

TV Guide Magazine: What's it like working together in real life?
Porter:  She was so welcoming. Down the road, you might see a couple of scenes where Kalinda and Blake actually crack a smile, and how we got to that point was Archie being as open as she is and generous as she is.  I'm willing to go along on that ride. It's a lot of fun.
Panjabi: [The producers] had been searching for somebody to crack into Kalinda's past and who she is and I know that Robert and Michelle King are just ecstatic with what Scott has done. It's very easy to work with him even though because of him, I've got no idea what I'm going to do in a scene.
Porter: I'm blushing over here. We make each other blush, you can print that.

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