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The Good Wife is going to battle in court, but this time, it's Will (Josh Charles) who will be on the stand and fighting for his innocence. On Sunday's episode, airing at 9/8c on CBS, Wendy Scott-Carr finally brings her accusations of judicial bribery against him to a grand jury. If he's indicted, Will could face up to seven years in the slammer so, suffice it to say, there's a lot on the line. got an early look at the suspenseful hour — titled "Another Ham Sandwich" — and things are about to get "out of control." What role will Alicia (Julianna Margulies) play in the proceedings? Who's shacking up? Who's getting a smack down? Check out our seven teases:

1.  Alicia will take the stand and things will get ugly. As seen in the previews, Wendy Scott-Carr won't be pulling any punches and goes so far as to question Mrs. State's Attorney about her relationship with Will outside of the office. Luckily, Alicia will have at least one unlikely ally in the courtroom, but Wendy is out for blood, and an indictment, and she'll prove hard to beat.

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2. Peter and Alicia will finally come clean about Will ... sort of. They have been dancing around the Will card all season, but Alicia and Peter (Chris Noth) will finally get down to brass tacks and confront the issue, to a certain extent. We're not calling either Florrick a liar, but someone will be less than forthcoming. 

3. Someone will plead the fifth. Technically, pleading the fifth is supposed to help a witness protect from self incrimination, but staying mum might have the opposite effect this time around. Uh oh.

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4. Expect Eli to play dirty with not one, but two rivals. Eli's latest tricks are deliciously evil and wonderfully reminiscent of his state's attorney campaign heyday back in late Season 2 and his former dealings with Zach's ex-girlfriend, Becca. It's fishin' (you'll get it soon enough) good to have you back, Gold.

5. Someone at Lockhart & Gardner is going to get an attitude check.  Earlier this season, Eli (Alan Cumming) was in the hot seat for not playing nice with his new colleagues. But this time the employee getting a talking-to is pretty much the opposite of who you would expect.

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6. A couple will hit the sack for the first time. No matter how they mix and match this ensemble cast, The Good Wife is never short on sexual tension. But we guarantee this pairing will make your jaw drop.

7. Someone's getting slapped. It can't top the series' pilot, obviously, but the smack down in question runs a close second. Maybe someone got some tips from Margulies?

Who's going to do the deed? Who's on the receiving end of Eli's mean streak? How much will Alicia spill to the grand jury? Sound off with your theories and comments below!