Sean Giambrone Sean Giambrone

The Goldbergs will pay homage to yet another '80s classic on Tuesday — but this one is very near and dear to creator Adam F. Goldberg's heart: The Goonies!

The cult coming-of-age film is Goldberg's favorite movie, and to see his mini-version brought to the small screen is a "dream come true." "I still cannot believe this happened," he tells "It's so surreal and cool. I just hope I did it justice. I feel like I did."

The Goldbergs exclusive sneak peek: Adam starts his Goonies adventure!

The episode, titled "Goldbergs Never Say Die" (duh), will see Adam (Sean Giambrone) attempt to embark on his own treasure hunt after he finds a map in the attic that details the location of One-Eyed Willie's William Penn's missing fortune. Little does he know, Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia), knowing his Goonies obsession, planted the map there to mess with him, as seen in the exclusive clip below.

The real treasure hunt begins when Adam's grandmother's jewelry goes missing, inspiring him to rally his siblings and friends and assign them their Goonies alter egos for the search — including his supposed pal Dave Kim (

Kenny Ridwan) to play... Data. "There a bunch of [overt] nods to the movie, but I tried not to go overboard with it," Goldberg says. "It was hard, trust me. I can talk about Goonies all day! But I wanted to make it a love letter to the movie for everyone who grew up with it and love it like I do and also introduce it to kids who haven't seen or heard of it and [have it] feel like another episode even though it's a pretty big deal for me!"Oscars fashion hits and misses In that vein, there's no cavern or plank-walking, but the episode blends the same heart, humor and youthful sense of adventure as the movie does — and of course, the Truffle Shuffle. "I couldn't not include the Truffle Shuffle," Goldberg says. "That had to be in there. I did that all the time, so obviously Adam had to do it." Something else Goldberg did all the time as a kid? Reenact The Goonies, of course. But — spoiler alert — you won't see any old home videos of him doing so in the tag. "Honestly, I am running out of footage for that!" he says with a laugh. "We never intended for that to be a thing, but we didn't do it one episode and people kept asking where it was, so it was like, 'Well, guess we have to do it.' I have quite a few tapes right now, but I'm going to run out soon!"The Goldbergs airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.