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Normally costumes are associated primarily Halloween, but this Thanksgiving the Glee kids will suit up in their best and brightest superhero costumes.

In newly released photos from Thursday's episode (9/8c on Fox), the New Directions take a page from the comics for the "Dynamic Duets" episode. Among the superhero alter egos on display: Kitty as some version of Catwoman — she sure has the claws for it, rawr! — and Marley appears to take on Wonder Woman. What famous villain does Artie dress like, and how does Blaine look with a cape? Check out the photos here to see for yourself.

Glee spoiler photos: Get a sneak peek at what's ahead

Also included in the new photos are sneak peeks from Glee's Love, Actually-inspired Christmas episode, titled "Glee, Actually." The photos include Ryder bonding with one of the New Direction vets and the return of one of last year's seniors. Can you guess who?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.