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Glee returns tonight with quite the shocker: Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) are breaking up!

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After 13 episodes of Rachel pining for Finn, their relationship is about to do a complete 180 when her attention turns elsewhere.

"Rachel is a little busy right now because she's fallen in love with someone else," Michele says. "Rachel will always love Finn, but she's met her match right now with someone that she really likes who also really likes her." 

Meet Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), the male lead for competing glee club Vocal Adrenaline. "He's her opposite in a sense," says Michele. "It's interesting to see her with a fair sparring partner."

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So how does Finn feel about Rachel's new man? "Finn has never dealt with another Alpha dog in the pack, so he really is struggling with how to handle that challenge," Monteith says. "He might throw up the dukes a little bit." 

Meanwhile, Finn will have dating issues of his own when Santana (Naya Rivera) pursues him... aggressively.

Still, executive producer Brad Falchuk says not to count out Finn and Rachel yet. "That relationship is very core to the show and it will always be back and forth with them," says Falchuk. 

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"In order to pull off the dance, you have to pull it off right," he continues. "You have to give just enough without it becoming annoying. Eventually it's like, 'Just do something, for God's sake.' Eventually we'll do something, but for the first couple of seasons we can explore that in a way that is satisfying." 

"[Executive producer] Ryan Murphy would get too bored with them just being together; it's too easy," Michele says. "He'll definitely make it hard on everyone. He's making it hard on me!"

Is he making it hard on you? Do you want Finn and Rachel to just get together already? Or are you willing to give these new love interests a fair shake?