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Gilmore Girls: What Are the Final Four Words?

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Sadie Gennis

Who shot J.R?" "What's inside the hatch?" "What are the last four words of Gilmore Girls?"

These are some of the greatest television mysteries of all time, and thanks to Netflix, Gilmore fans are finally going to get some answers.

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has said that she's known the final four words of Gilmore Girls since 2006, when she left the show ahead of the seventh and final season. And despite never knowing whether she'd get an opportunity to use them, Sherman-Palladino refused to divulge the coveted words in the t years since.

Now, it's nearly time for the big reveal. But what could the final four words be?

According to star Lauren Graham, the four words will be an exchange (presumably between Lorelai and Rory). But with no premiere date for Gilmore Girls: Seasons in sight, we took it upon ourselves to guess what the final four words might be. (And yes, we know not all of them are exchanges, but after Jon Snowgate, do you still trust everything an actor says?)

Check out our predictions and share yours in the comments below!

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls Saeed Adyani/Netflix

"Let's go to Luke's."

"Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee."

"Oy with the poodles!"



"Love you." - Lorelai
"That's nice." - Emily

"I will follow oh-oh-OH!" - Carole King

"Remember Windward Circle?" - Jess
"No." - Rory

"You've been Gilmored, bitch!" -- Lorelai to Kirk revealing the entire series was a Truman Show-style joke on him



"What's your name again?" - Emily to a maid

"No more pigtails, please." - Sookie

"I'm the Zodiac Killer." - Taylor

"... then Paris killed everyone."

"Emily outlived them all."



"Wait, this isn't Bunheads?" - Emily

"New phone. Who dis?" - Rory to Dean

"Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Ack!" - Lorelai doing a Cathy impression

"Stop calling me Ace." - Rory to Logan

"Hungry?" - Lorelai, handing her daughter a plate with Pop Tarts, marshmallows, pizza, Chinese food and whipped cream
"I have diabetes." - Rory

"I finally like sex!" - Lane



"Your father's dead." - Mrs. Kim
"Who?" - Lane

"I actually prefer Twizzlers." - Rory upon Lorelai handed her yet another package of Red Vines

"Want more coffee?" - Luke.
"Always." - Lorelai and Rory

"I'm still all in." - Lorelai



What do you think the final four words are?