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Gilmore Girls: 15 Burning Questions We Have After Watching the Revival

Did Rory ever find her underwear?

Kaitlin Thomas

[Warning! This story contains spoilers from the final episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Read at your own risk!]

After what feels like years of waiting, Netflix's highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival arrived on the streaming service over the weekend. After loading up on coffee and Red Vines and mac and cheese, we binged all four 90-minute episodes in one sitting. Now we're left with questions upon questions about what's next. Let's get to it.

1. Emily went to Lorelai's wedding the next day, right?

Although it was a little upsetting, it made sense that Emily wasn't present at Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) intimate and spur of the moment nighttime wedding. It wasn't planned! The only person who really needed to be there besides Luke and Lorelai was Rory (Alexis Bledel). But with Emily's (Kelly Bishop) relocation from Hartford to the house in Nantucket, we were left wondering if she was going to be in attendance at the larger, daytime wedding the next day. We know she was invited and even planning to attend given her comments when Lorelai appeared to ask for the loan for the new inn, but hey, we have to ask!

2. When did Jess get so buff?

To be clear, we're not complaining about the state of Milo Ventimiglia's biceps. He looks good and he should be proud of the body he's rocking under those clothes (which was on full display earlier this fall on NBC's This Is Us), but you have to admit his muscular arms were a little surprising the first time you saw them, right? Jess was never a big guy and the dude works in publishing. People who spend their days writing and reading aren't usually rocking the types of muscles Jess is currently sporting. Maybe he's lifting really, really heavy books in his spare time?

Gilmore Girls' final four words and what they mean for Rory

3. Did Rory ever find her underwear?

Well, did she? Rory's lack of underwear was a recurring gag throughout A Year in the Life. After misplacing her unmentionables in her move (when you ship boxes to Stars Hollow, Hartford, New York and London that's bound to happen), she refused to let Jess give her money to buy new underwear (he's so thoughtful). Is Rory just one breezy day away from flashing the entire town of Stars Hollow? Taylor would never recover.

4. What the hell is going on with Scott Patterson's hair?

Look, we don't mean to be jerks, but Patterson's hair at the end of "Fall" looked about as real as the London backdrop for Logan's (Matt Czuchry) apartment balcony. Was it a toupée? Did he get hair plugs? No one knows. What we do know is that his hair (and hairline) looked relatively normal when Luke was trying on his suit for the wedding and then a few scenes later, at the actual ceremony, it looked like one of Babette's favorite cats decided to take up residence on his head.

5. Shouldn't Rory know better by now than to get involved with unavailable men?

If it was always the intention that Rory would follow her mother into single motherhood, then it makes sense she was involved in a relationship of sorts with Logan, who was always her version of Christopher. But the fact that Logan was engaged to a faceless woman, regardless of whether he loved her or if it was arranged by their families for business reasons, made the entire storyline uncomfortable to watch. You could chalk up Rory's indiscretions with a married Dean (Jared Padalecki) in Seasons 4 and 5 to immaturity and the fact he was her first love and made her feel safe, but this was just Rory being an idiot. It was careless and infuriating and she should have known better.


Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

6. Will Rory find her way back to Jess?

If Rory is just like Lorelai and Logan is meant to be her Christopher, then it only makes sense that Jess would be her version of Luke. It was heavily implied the reformed bad boy with a love for books was still in love with Rory, and the fact that he was once again the person to right the sinking ship that was Rory's life suggests he really does know her better than anyone else. The door is open for this love story to continue down the line. Now the only question that remains is, will it?

7. Were Alexis Bledel and David Sutcliffe in the same room while filming Rory's visit with Christopher?

Based on the way the scene was edited and the characters' stilted conversation and interactions, we have to wonder whether Bledel's and David Sutcliffe's filming schedules didn't properly align to allow for filming at the same time. We're not mad about it -- the conversation, while initially awkward, made sense in hindsight once it was revealed that Rory was pregnant with the unborn child of her own version of Christopher -- it was just weird. UNLESS! WAIT! Is this one of those Julianna Margulies/Archie Panjabi situations? Do Alexis and David secretly hate each other? Are we starting this totally unfounded and ridiculous rumor? Never!

Amy Sherman-Palladino on whether this is it for Gilmore Girls

8. Was it just us or did that dreaded musical in "Summer" last forever?

Far be it from us to complain about spending so much time with the always pleasant and perfect Sutton Foster, but we really started to feel for Lorelai when she had to sit through Taylor's entire musical about Stars Hollow. It dragged like hell, and while we recognize that it was supposed to be terrible, we wish Daniel Palladino, who wrote that episode, had used the time more wisely. With only six hours in A Year in the Life, time was precious.

9. Does Emily's transformation from DAR leader to whaling museum docent make sense?

Emily Gilmore is many things, but relaxed has never been one of them. Being accepting of others was also not very high on the list. In the revival, she not only didn't fire her non-English speaking maid (being unable to retain maids was a recurring gimmick in the original series), but allowed Berta's entire family to move in with her despite obvious communication issues. She was warm and friendly even! It seems that Richard's (Edward Herrmann) death definitely affected her and melted her heart a bit, but it still feels strange to see her so carefree. However, to see her tell the Daughters of the American Revolution to shove it was a great, great moment that deserves to be on repeat forever.


Alexis Bledel, Liza Weil and Darkin Matthews, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Neil Jacobs/Netflix

10. What do we have to do to get a Paris Geller spin-off?

Paris (Liza Weil) has always been a tour de force and her appearance in the revival was easily one of the true highlights. The glimpse we saw of her life in New York, where she leads a top surrogacy clinic, was not enough. Seeing her return to Chilton, where she regressed a bit back into high school Paris, only made us want to see more of her story. Tell us what we have to do to make this happen, Netflix. We'll start the petition right now if we have to.

11. Does anyone else really love Finn?

What? Don't act like you've never thought about Finn (Tanc Sade) like that. He's exotic!

Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai finally got their happy ending

12. Did Michel ever adopt with his husband?

Michel's (Yanic Truesdale) subplot in A Year in the Life revolved around two narratives. The first was that he wanted to advance in his career and could no longer afford to stay at the Dragonfly in his current position (he really wants to run a spa, OK?). The second was that he and his husband (congrats, Michel!) were looking into adopting a child. Upon first glance Michel doesn't really seem like the parental type, but then we remembered how lovely he was with the random children at the inn and how dedicated he was to Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin. Michel would be a really fun, really well dressed, really whiny dad. Sounds great!

13. Will Jared Padalecki ever be able to play someone who isn't Sam Winchester?

Jared portrayed Dean Forester for years before slipping on Sam Winchester's skin and confusing young women everywhere by not playing the character named Dean on Supernatural. In his short scene here, which happened in Doose's because of course it did, it felt more like Padalecki was playing Sam Winchester playing Dean Forester. Also, of course Dean would live in Scranton now. Of course.

14. How did Rory afford all those flights to London if she was broke and jobless?

Look, if you can't even afford to buy underwear, you can't afford to fly to London multiple times. And you don't get to complain about being broke if you're taking multiple transatlantic flights.

15. Is this really the end of the road for Gilmore Girls?

With the final four words revealing that Rory is now pregnant, "Fall" acts as a natural conclusion to the story Amy Sherman-Palladino set out to tell all those years ago. In that regard, we don't need more episodes and we won't be the least bit upset if this is the real end of Gilmore Girls. Sherman-Palladino also said these four episodes were the story she wanted to tell. However, Rory's confession on the steps of the gazebo could also be the beginning of the next chapter of this story, and we wouldn't necessarily turn down Episode 1 of Rory and Jess: The Not Quite So Early Years.

All four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life are now streaming on Netflix.