Gilmore Girls This has to be one of my favorite episodes, and the reason sort of took me by surprise. I love this show because of how brilliantly these characters are written: witty Lorelai, precocious Rory, crazy Kirk, loudmouth Babette, ditsy Sookie, strict Mrs. Kim. And yes, even Luke and Lorelai, who, yes, have been pushing at each other all season. (But thats for a whole other column.) But for once, the fantastic dialogue took a backseat to some cutting-edge camera work that documented Emily and Richards Friday-night dinner. Each Gilmore got screen time to air every single little grievance: Christopher. Yale. Tuition. The decorated pool house. The DAR. The Huntzbergers. Lukes daughter. And each Gilmore also got screen time to air every single little emotion. Bitterness. Anger. Shock. Resentment. Glee. There were enough jump cuts to warrant a serious dose of Dramamine, but it was Emmy-worthy cinematography nonetheless. And it was a scene so good that it almost made me skip past the eps other most meaningful moment: when the entire town gawked at Luke and April through the diner window. Didnt you feel like you were pressing your nose against the glass, staring at the mismatched pair with just as much wonder and curiosity? Just as powerful, just as meaningful. And totally worth a second viewing.