The Academy by Michael Becker/Fox Reality Channel The Academy by Michael Becker/Fox Reality Channel

When MyNetworkTV revealed its fall lineup yesterday, it looked a whole lot like RealityTV. Come September, the leftover WB-UPN affiliates will be airing such series as:

* The Academy (which already debuted on Fox Reality), about wannabe cops, and Jail, about life on the other side of the bars; natch, the shows will air back-to-back (on Tuesdays).
* The descriptively titled Divorce Wars, from Dr. Phil's son, Jay.
* New eppies of the dating game Meet My Folks (formerly on NBC) and what may have been TV's guiltiest pleasure ever, Paradise Hotel (formerly on Fox).
* The martial-arts smackdown IFL Battleground. Personally, I think MyNetworkTV could've made it with the telenovelas, if only they'd had Mrs. Green Arrow, Lindsay Hartley ( Passions).