It's hard enough to pronounce some of the names in Game of Thrones (Jaqen H'ghar, anyone?), but what about spelling them? TV Guide put cosplayers to the ultimate test with our very own GoT Spelling Bee, and the results might surprise you.

While Grey Worm proved to be an easy challenge, some had a more difficult time with trickier names like Jon "There's No 'H' in My Name" Snow and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys "Is It 'AE' or 'EA?'" Targaryen. Watch them try their best in the video above and see if you know how to spell some of the biggest names in Westeros (which, for the record, is not spelled Westerost).

The HBO drama is gearing up for its final season which will consist of six "bigger" and "longer" episodes. Though details are scarce, we do know that Season 8 will be the most expensive for the series to date and may or may not shoot multiple endings to throw fans off.

Game of Thrones will eventually make its way back to HBO.