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Game of Thrones: Why the Jon Snow Twin Theory Is Almost Certainly Wrong

Everything you need to know about R+L=J+M

Sadie Gennis

If you ask Game of Thrones fans who Jon Snow's parents are, most will say with near certainty that they are Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The popular R+L=J theory - though it has yet to be confirmed- has been around for years, but now there's a new theory gaining steam. Fans are speculating that Lyanna didn't just give birth to one child in the Tower of Joy, but gave birth to twins - specifically Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick).

The R+L=J+M theory seems to have become much more popular after Jon's apparent death in the Season 5 finale. Because if Jon really is dead - which we still don't quite believe, despite the protestations of those involved with the production - then what was the point in George R.R. Martin creating such a complicated backstory for Jon only to kill him before he could fulfill his destiny as Azor Ahai or one of the three heads of the dragon?

Enter: Meera.

We have to admit, the evidence in favor of R+J=J+M is fairly convincing. In the show, Jon and Meera look strikingly similar. And who was with Ned Stark when he went to Lyanna at the Tower of Joy? None other than Meera's supposed father, Howland Reed. So, if anyone was to take in Lyanna's other child to raise as his own, Howland would be the most plausible. But maybe the most damning piece of evidence is the fact that Lyanna Stark died in 283 AC, the same year both Jon and Meera are listed as being born on a Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Everything you need to know about R+L=J

The logistics and timeline match up. Both Harington and Kendrick share the same shaggy curls. And yet, we just aren't buying this theory. Here's why:

The Starks are known for their grey eyes, a fact often mentioned in Martin's novels. Meera's eyes are green - not even the violet the Targaryens are known for.

Martin seemingly hasn't seeded a twin reveal between Jon and Meera in the books at all. Meera spends all of her time with Bran in A Song of Ice and Fire and if she did bear such a striking resemblance to the elder Stark brother, wouldn't Bran have mentioned it, even internally? So it's highly likely that the resemblance between Meera and Jon is pure coincidence.

Bran also has a huge crush on Meera in the books. And yes, Martin is no stranger to incest, but finding out you're related to the person you love is a plot twist more fitting of a soap opera rather than a grisly, epic fantasy. Which brings us to our next point...

It's. Too. Darn. Star Wars.

The 1977 film didn't invent the twins separated at birth plot, but to make one of A Song of Ice and Fire's biggest twists be so derivative of the Luke and Leia reveal seems far too on-the-nose and uninspired for Martin.

What do you think of R+L+J+M?