Friends After 10 years, I've finally had enough of Ross and Rachel. Cars wear out in less time than these two have taken to figure out if they will or if they won't. Again. And a drunk Ross is not funny, just more obnoxious. But it was nice to be reunited with Giovanni Ribisi, who does a winning Gen-X Jim Ignatowski as Phoebe's oddball brother Frank.

Survivor: Pearl Islands In a virtual rerun of last week's events, Drake won both challenges and took Morgan's water pot. Speaking of challenges, was I the only one creeped out by that Cirque du Soleil immunity challenge? As predicted, Lil got the boot.

Scrubs Sarah Chalke, whom I've almost forgiven for her clueless stint on Roseanne, hires Heather Locklear's stylists and hooks up with Scott Foley. The show's clever and quirky, but the real reason to tune in is the riotously acerbic snarkmeister John C. McGinley. Anyone who's seen Watch It already knows what I'm talking about.

Will & Grace Oscar winner Mira Sorvino guest stars as a lush who's had sex with Leo and Will. I guess Marisa Tomei was busy. But what really bothered me about tonight was not Harry Connick Jr.'s bizarre hair, but the steady stream of explicit sexual references, including euphemisms for condoms and body parts. And when did Karen become bi? I thought Coupling came on after this...

CSI Was it really necessary to drag the serial-killer plotline out over two episodes? At least cutie patootie Greg got to score big time by finding a key piece of evidence. As for the gross "man soup" subplot, let's just say I won't be buying Chunky in the near future.

Coupling Yes, I gave this another chance (actually, I couldn't find the remote). While I'll admit that Rena Sofer and Jay Harrington make a cute couple, and the uncomfortable phone-call pausing amused me, I got my lazy rump up and manually changed the channel after the raunchy tripod reference was uttered.

Without a Trace CBS sure takes care of its own. Last week's guest star was Chicago Hope's Jayne Brook and her former costar Hector Elizondo played tonight's quarry, a vanished priest dying of liver disease. It was another strong episode with a poignant twist.

ER I was riveted. Usually field-trip episodes annoy me, but this one set in Africa was simply harrowing. I knew Luka wasn't dead, but I still sat on the edge of my couch holding my breath for the entire graphic hour. I only have one question: If Carter's hip enough to own an iPod, why doesn't he know how dorky he looks in aviator sunglasses? They haven't been cool since Top Gun. Hopefully he'll come back from Africa with an improved attitude and a touch of style (Congo chic?). That feisty Red Cross worker played by Mary McCormack would make a fine accessory.

Rebecca Although many people assume I was named after a certain fictional farm girl, my mother took my name from Daphne du Maurier's classic. This Alfred Hitchcock adaptation starring a luminous Joan Fontaine and a tortured Laurence Olivier is stellar gothic melodrama, all shadows and crescendos. Note to self: If I ever find myself the mistress of an English mansion haunted by my husband's dead first wife, never hire a housekeeper who looks like Judith Anderson.