If Friday Night Lights returns to NBC in the fall, fans shouldn't fear that the Taylors will split up - despite Season 1's cliff-hanger. Kyle Chandler ventured that Eric and Tami will work things out now that the Taylors are expecting an unexpected baby. "We can stab each other, kick each other or shoot each other," the actor said at L.A.'s Museum of Television & Radio on April 13. "But we're going to make it in the end."

FNL executive producer Peter Berg says Season 2 would be less about running backs and more about relationships. "The show will continue to explore the complexities of the personal lives of these characters, and we'll probably focus less and less on the actual game of football," he said.

But will Coach Taylor move to Austin to pursue his dream job and leave his burgeoning family behind in Dillon? "Anything could happen," Connie Britton (Tami) said. "Having a baby will create all kinds of interesting conflict and humor." - Reporting by Bekah Wright