Kyle Chandler Kyle Chandler

Fans of Friday Night Lights can look forward to a surprise Easter egg on the final season DVD: an alternate ending to the series finale.

During the epilogue that showed viewers where the main characters ended up, a farewell speech by Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) was originally going to play over the images (instead, the Delta Spirit song "Devil Knows You're Dead" was the lilting soundtrack).

Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims on Emmy noms "touchdown," how the finale came together

Executive producer Jason Katims explains to Entertainment Weekly: "Because the images ran so long, it was hard for us to figure a graceful way to fit in the speech. Also, I just wanted to let the images stand for themselves ... after looking at it both ways, I realized that the episode was stronger without it."

In order to watch the deleted voiceover, go to the menu screen on the Season 5 DVD, turn the commentary off, and then select the football that appears. You can also listen to it here.