Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights

Spoiler alert! After an emotional five-season run, Friday Night Lights will go dark next year (DirecTV's 101 Network airs the series finale February 9; NBC will replay the season, likely this summer). But before the last football is tossed, much-missed Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford), Tyra Colette (Adrianne Palicki), Jason Street (Scott Porter) and Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons) return to Dillon, Texas. Also back: sprung-from-the-slammer Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch, who will appear in the last five episodes).

"I come to visit Riggins," reveals Adrianne, who'll be in the final two episodes. "You won't recognize Tyra. She has dark hair and isn't as scantily clothed." Riggins takes Tyra out to the property where he plans to build his dream home. But will they end up living there together? "You're going to have to watch," teases Adrianne. "Tim was her first kiss, so I would love that!"

As for another favorite couple, Matt and Julie (Aimee Teegarden), he heads home from Chicago and helps her through a difficult time. "What's so great is that in Season 4, Julie helped Matt come to terms with the fact that he needed to get out of Dillon," says Zach, whom I caught up with in Hawaii on the set of his new ABC drama, Off the Map. "Now, with her life spinning out of control, he's helping play that role for her. It all makes sense. I was always a huge proponent of Matt and Julie not being together, but toward the end I came to think maybe they are meant to be."

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