Free Ride Apparently this whole grown-kid-living-at-home-and-mooching-off-parents thing is not a new concept, seeing as how that movie Failure to Launch was number one at the box offices this weekend.

 Well, at least Nate is just fresh out of college while Matthew McConaughey's character is like 35 or something. So for the 19 people out there who were not watching The Sopranos or Desperate Housewives and actually tuned in to what Fox claims is the funniest new comedy on TV, I hope you enjoyed this show as much as I did. Watching Nate's dad go ballistic when he found out Nate's car "just stopped" because he hadn't gotten an oil change in three years reminded me of a few lectures I've received over the years from my dad. But then again I always had the excuse of being a girl. In order to pay for the car breaking down, Nate was forced to get a job at Boomerang Jack, where he got in trouble for not greeting customers with an Aussie-style "G'day, Mate." The best character of this episode had to be Aunt Louise, who kissed Nate on the lips and loved the taste of his toothpaste. Yeah, she was a bit creepy, and she ended up making out with Nate's head-banging friend Dove during what turned out to be the worlds most awkward double date. Did anyone else catch Amber's crazy jealousy when she saw Nate had found another girl? I'm totally rooting for this new cutie Megan from the restaurant, so back off, Amber, 'cause you're engaged!