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Kelsey Grammer Reveals Dark Secrets About Frasier's Eddie the Dog

Plus: Will there be a Frasier revival?

Liam Mathews

At this point, it seems like no bit of intellectual property is off the the table for a potential reboot or revival. NBC's late-'90s/early-'00s sitcom Will & Grace is the most prominent revival of the fall season, and it's just one of a number of classic sitcoms including One Day at a Time and Roseanne to get resurrected recently. So it's worth speculating about any hit of yesteryear's chances of a comeback. One such sitcom is Frasier, Will & Grace's fellow '90s/early-'00s NBC hit.

Here comes the cold water: Kelsey Grammer, who won four Emmys for his performance as Dr. Frasier Crane on the series and can currently be seen in Amazon's period drama The Last Tycoon, says a Frasier return is unlikely.

"There has been some talk, but it's nothing but talk," he tells TV Guide. "There are so many people that would be lined up to get their cut that even trying to finance a reboot of Frasier would be nightmarish."

That being said, Grammer likes the idea and has thought about what Frasier's life would look like 15 or so years after we last saw him.

"It would be neat to see what happened to him, because clearly he never had any luck in love," says Grammer. He thinks that it wouldn't have worked out with Laura Linney's character Charlotte, who Frasier moved to Chicago to be with, and so he'd be in a new place with new versions of his old problems.

A reboot would necessitate the recasting of the show's iconic Jack Russell terrier Eddie, an observation so depressing that Grammer's Last Tycoon co-star Dominique McElligott bursts out laughing. But Grammer notes that Eddie was already recast during the show's run -- Moose played him from 1993 to 2000 before his son Enzo took over until the show ended in 2004.

Watch the Trailer for Amazon's The Last Tycoon

Grammer then reveals some behind-the-scenes gossip from Frasier about how towards the end of his stint Moose had gotten so old and gray that in his last appearance on the show the make-up department painted his faded markings back on, and he just got to sit on the couch and take it easy, since he couldn't really perform anymore.

And then Grammer dropped a real bombshell: Moose used to bite John Mahoney, who played Martin, Frasier's father and Eddie's owner, whenever he'd sit on his lap. "Mahoney hated him," Grammer says. So the sweetness captured in the photo below is a complete lie!

Moose and John Mahoney, Frasier

Moose and John Mahoney, Frasier

NBC, NBC via Getty Images

Such a diva, that Moose.

The Last Tycoon is available to stream on Amazon Prime.