David Hyde Pierce won't be seen on the tube for a bit - he just began a one-year contract as a singing/dancing gumshoe in the Broadway musical Curtains - but that doesn't mean he won't be heard. Pierce tells TVGuide.com that he and his Frasier frère, Kelsey Grammer, recently reunited to record an upcoming Simpsons episode in which they reprise their roles as sideshow siblings Cecil and Bob.

The thesps - with their Frasier father, John Mahoney (now appearing in Broadway's Prelude to a Kiss) - also recently discussed over breakfast potential onstage collaborations. But as they sat there mulling theater projects, Pierce relates, it was clear that to the world at large, they remain high-profile small-screen stars. "We got a few double- and triple-takes from patrons as we ate," Pierce says. "They couldn't quite figure out if they were in reality or television." - Reporting by Raven Snook