<EM>One Tree Hill</EM> One Tree Hill

Forget those Lost scavengers and their bad teeth. I am all about these OTHers and their new time slot. Even Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua did a happy dance when he heard that Gavin DeGraw theme. Unless that was for the beef-jerky treats he was scarfing down while daddy caught up with the gang. Who apparently had quite a summer, huh? Peyton swapped 'dos with Deb, gained a birth mom and a new actor to play her dad. Brooke got bangs of two sorts while in L.A. Nathan got the guts to snub Haley for picking her music over her man   though I'm so into Bethany Joy Lenz, it's unhealthy and Karen's Cafe got an extreme makeover. Oh, and Dan went and got himself saved from the blaze at his dealership with just a few burns and one hell of a bad attitude to show for it. Seriously, the dude must have nine lives. And no soul. Going to confession for the sins he plans to commit against his still-unknown arsonist? That is so wrong. I LOVE it! Let's just hope that certain recently-married-more-recently-separated costars can play nice, because with Dan on the warpath, Haley and Nathan on the outs, Peyton on narration duty and Lucas off his heart meds, we are all in for one bangin' senior year.