Take that, rewind it back, Ludacris got the worms to make your belly go bleh.

The rapper-actor will host a reboot of the early aughts gross-out game show Fear Factor for MTV, the network announced Wednesday.

There will be a significant difference from the Joe Rogan-hosted original, though — it won't be gross. Instead of eating spiders or swimming in a pool of blood, contestants will face particularly Generation Z fears like "couch surfing at 300 feet and waterlogging personal cell phones." The challenges are inspired by urban legends, scary movies and viral videos and will hopefully inspire viewers to conquer their own anxieties about modern life. They'll have titles like "Roach-ella" and "Trap Queen."


The first season of the reboot will premiere in May and consist of 12 episodes. The cash prize has not been adjusted for inflation and will stay at $50,000.

Fear Factor originally aired from 2001 to 2006 on NBC, with a brief one-season revival in 2011.

Does this Fear Factor sound like a nicer, more positive version? Sure! Is it really Fear Factor without disgusting, borderline sadistic challenges? Not really! Will we watch? Probably!

Fear Factor premieres Tuesday, May 30 at 10/9c on MTV.