Sarah Carter, Drew Roy, Jessy Schram Sarah Carter, Drew Roy, Jessy Schram

Aliens may have invaded the Earth, but that doesn't mean life can't go on — and with it, the blossoming of young love.

This Sunday's episode of Falling Skies will explore the intense relationship between Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter) that has developed over the last three months while they were out on high-risk scouting missions. Staring into the face of death, Hal will finally realize how much Maggie means to him, especially considering he already lost his first love Karen (Jessy Schram). Will Maggie return his feelings? Will that even matter when — dun, dun, dunnnn — Karen returns in an upcoming episode? turned to Roy to get the scoop on this post-apocalyptic love triangle:

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In this week's episode, we'll finally get to see what Hal and Maggie have been doing on missions. What can you tease?
Drew Roy:
Over these past three months from when the first season stopped off until now, this relationship has been developing between Hal and Maggie. It's not necessarily shown, but these two have been paired up to go out on missions together and they've really found this deep friendship between the two of them and this deep amount of trust.

Is there something more going on between them?
I don't think they even really think of it as anything more than a friendship. There's a little flirtation that goes on, but I don't think they've ever seriously thought about what would life be like if they were together until this episode comes along. They have a couple of different situations where they're looking death right in the face, and Hal has a realization that if he lost this girl that would be a horrible thing to have to go through again after having lost Karen. I believe that it brings a couple different emotions to the surface and a couple realizations to make him pursue her a little more directly this episode.

Considering he's already lost Karen, how does Hal deal with these feelings for Maggie? Does he feel guilty?
He definitely felt guilty back when Karen was taken by the aliens because it happened right in front of him, even though he was powerless because of what had just happened. He always will feel like it was him not rising to the occasion to save her. But at this point, it's a good six months later, and while he still feels like Karen was the first girl he ever fell in love with, at this day and age that they live in, people are dying all the time and being taken. At the same time, I do believe that's why he hasn't jumped on with Maggie or any of these other girls because there is a sense of loyalty there to Karen.

But Hal will soon find himself in a love triangle!
It's like real life. If something looks good with one of your girls, another girl shows up from out of town. [Laughs] That was a pretty tricky situation playing that between those two girls because the way that it's going to end up [this] week between Hal and Maggie, it's not going to be all tied up with a bow on top and nice and pretty. It ends a little bit messy. He's trying to figure out where exactly do these two stand with each other now. Some things happened that are good. Some things happened that are bad. Then they come and shake it up a little more and Karen gets thrown back into the picture.

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How will the 2nd Mass feel about Karen returning?
Just like with Ben (Connor Jessup) and Tom (Noah Wyle), her allegiance is in question as to what the aliens have done to her. What does she know? What does she not know? Hal will go back to that anchor of loyalty of love, instantly wanting to take Karen's side and he thinks everybody is acting ridiculous by the fact that they're not embracing her with warm welcome and happy to see her again. But, rightly so, the Massachusetts is a little bit wary and skeptical just because here's somebody who once again has been involved with the aliens and even under their control, helping them tweak their master plan, whatever that is.

How will that affect his relationship with Maggie?
Things get shaken up a little more between Hal and Maggie. You're going to see them leaning on each other and that trust that they've built up to help figure out what the situation is and what's the best way to go about it. Even though that they might not see eye-to-eye, she's one of few people that can get to Hal in this time and who can speak the truth to him when he needs to hear it.

So Karen's return might ultimately bring Maggie and Hal closer?
Yeah. It does in a long, roundabout way. But he never loses that love that he has for Karen. That's still something that all three of them are having to deal with. What is this now? There's not one way to define any of their relationships, because they all have a strain on them and time has passed and different things are affecting each of the different triangle sides.

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT.