Geez, who had Stiffler pegged as the career feature-film star? But I get ahead of myself. The latest pilot-casting news from Variety and the Reporter:

" CBS could soon be home to three American Pie stars. Jason Biggs is a Wall Street whiz who dies in a Blackberry-related car accident and, since Hades is full, is forced to endure "Hell on earth" (aka a life devoid of his fancy career, apartment and such) in I'm in Hell. Chris Klein, meanwhile, is the series lead's best buddy in The Captain, which has also added comic Al Madrigal as a janitor.

" Ricki Lake is the mom in The Middle, ABC's comedy about a lower-middle-class family in the Midwest.

" Michael McKean is a low-level congressman's chief of staff in ABC's The Thick of It.

" Penn Badgley ( John Tucker Must Die) has joined the CW's Gossip Girls.