Fair warning! It's celebrity auction time on The Apprentice. Didn't you love the auctioneer? The teams designed and auctioned off a personal experience with a celeb and his/her dog to raise money for Broadway Barks. While the Fran Drescher experience pulled in a whopping $28,000 for Matchstick, the two other top bids went to Primarius' Sorvino and Oldham packages, resulting in a win for project manager Jim. Good for him, considering Martha handpicked him to lead the team. Was she setting him up? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, have you noticed how Martha has subtly and almost completely taken control of the show? Her surprise visit to/inspection of the loft, her choice of Jim as PM and again, her choosing the two to remain in the conference room David and project manager Marcela are signs to me that she likes to direct traffic. Anyway, it was nice to see that the candidates were not starstruck by the task, except maybe for Ryan. I swear he was about to say that he wanted to date NY Jets quarterback Chad Pennington, but apparently Ryan just wanted to be friends. Just like how David wanted to be the tech person. I have to say David's hair bothers me. I want him to cut it or slick it back or something. He looks so young and clueless. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Youth has its virtue and cluelessness can be a gift, but I don't think either have a place at MSLO. I mean, when Merv Griffin flat out says you are annoying, take the hint and stop typing. David's lackluster performance earned a dismissal in the conference room, but his "eloquent" plea to improve Martha's Internet operations earned kudos from Charles and maybe a foot in the door with MSLO after all. What can I say to that but go get 'em tiger!