Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Right now, Gary Scott Thompson, as the show runner for NBC's Knight Rider series (premiering Sept. 24), is focused on turning K.I.T.T. into an even leaner, meaner crimefighting machine. But sharing some bandwith with that mission is the idea of giving closure to the Las Vegas fans who saw their series hurried off the air as a casualty of the WGA strike. Has the ship sailed as far as hope for that goes? "I don't think so, as far as myself and some of the cast members are concerned," Thompson told me during a detour from an in-depth look at the new Knight Rider. "We're actively trying to figure out how to do something."

Thompson says that Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims are particularly interested in spelling out what became of Danny, Delinda and their baby. "I talked to them both the other day, and they said we should do something. It was their characters that were really left hanging, and they were very upset by it."

While one possible fix would find Thompson, Duhamel and Sims simply appearing together in an online video to explain what was next, another solution would build on previous buzz about a fleeting Knight Rider cameo by the new parents. Thompson, though, would rather write the Vegas characters into an entire episode of his new baby.

"It's not impossible, because in the original [ Knight Rider], Las Vegas is where one of the headquarters is," Thompson notes. "But pulling together all those people, working out the schedules.... I mean, Josh is a bona fide movie star now. But if we ever did it, it would have to entail the entire episode and answer a lot of questions." - Matt Mitovich

Coming soon, as Knight Rider's Sept. 24 series premiere nears: Thompson takes under the hood of the bigger, badder K.I.T.T. and reveals the car's brand-new tricks!

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