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He may have evaporated at the end of last season, but that doesn't mean Fringe's Peter Bishop is a man of leisure out in the ether. While Cortexi-fans have been waiting to see just how Peter plays into the new season (starting this Friday at 9/8c on Fox), his portrayer, Josh Jackson, has been busy working in an alt-world of a different kind: Comic books.

Photo Gallery: Exclusive first look at the latest Fringe comic

Jackson recently penned "Beyond the Fringe" for the latest issue of the show-inspired comic book, which is available for digital download at the DC Comics website or their mobile app starting today at 2pm ET. But if the idea of waiting 'til then has you twitchier than a shapeshifter after a plate of jalapenos, we have exclusive previews of the cover and two pages from Jackson's animated effort for you right here! And while there may not be any dialogue included on these pages, there are a few things that seem to hint at what may have gone down while Petey was strapped into that doomsday machine. Have a gander here.

Like what you see? Tell us below and we'll pass on the info to Walter and Liv... if they even remember who Peter is.

Link to download via DC Comics app on iTunes
Link to download via DC Comics app on Android  

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