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Evil Season 2: Casting, Premiere Date, Spoilers, and Everything Else to Know

The show has possessed us all and we can't wait til it's back

Kelly Connolly
Aasif Mandvi, Katja Herbers, and Mike Colter, Evil

Aasif Mandvi, Katja Herbers, and Mike Colter, Evil

Elizabeth Fisher, CBS

Let's be honest: CBS's Evil is the best show on network television. Created by Robert and Michelle King, the playful horror series stars Katja Herbers and Mike Colter as a skeptic and believer, respectively, investigating claims of demonic possession on behalf of the Catholic Church. The first season ended on a devil of a cliffhanger — and as the cult of Evil fans continues to grow (thanks, Netflix!), the wait for more of TV's wildest show is getting harder to bear. 

The good news is that Evil Season 2 is finally in production, and a premiere hopefully isn't far behind. Here's everything we know so far about the CBS drama's hotly anticipated second season.

Latest news

In the grand tradition of TV's best genre shows, Evil is doing a mostly silent episode. In February, co-showrunner Robert King teased the Season 2 episode on Twitter, sharing photos from production. "Back shooting," wrote Robert, who is directing the hour. "Weird episode. Not just silent, but in a monastery without electricity so characters carry their own lanterns." Sign us up.

Premiere date

No premiere date has been announced yet for Evil Season 2, but star Katja Herbers said on Instagram on Jan. 6 that the series will return this spring.


All of Evil's series regulars are expected to return in Season 2. 

Evil stars Mike Colter as priest-in-training David Acosta; Katja Herbers as psychologist Kristen Bouchard; Aasif Mandvi as contractor Ben Shakir; Michael Emerson as super creep Leland Townsend; Christine Lahti as Kristen's mother, Sheryl; and Kurt Fuller as Dr. Boggs. The cast also includes Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, and Dalya Knapp as Kristen's four daughters.


The Season 1 finale ended with a shock. Fans can expect Season 2 to dig into the question of what exactly is going on with Kristen — who [SPOILER ALERT] was left contemplating the likelihood that she's possessed after a rosary burned her palm. Also, she almost definitely killed Orson LeRoux (Darren Pettie), the murderer who'd been threatening her daughters. "We're looking at how mothering can creep over into villainy because mothering involves protectiveness," Robert King told Entertainment Weekly

Kristen's last-second look into the mirror offers a peek at how she might react to her potential possession next season. "I would say that a lot of [her] response is in her look at the mirror, which is a bit of 'Holy sh--,' and another like, 'Am I in trouble?'" Robert told TV Guide. "In other words, she has enough perspective on herself to wonder whether she gets over her defects." She's not too far gone just yet.

Kristen will also be dealing with added pressure at home thanks to her fears about Lexis (Maddy Crocco), who was conceived at a fertility clinic connected to a lot of kids who might be possessed. "Just on purely the pragmatic level things are going to be tougher for Kristen at home," Michelle King told TV Guide, pointing out that Kristen doesn't have her own mother around to help right now. And as Robert teased, Kristen's concerns about Lexis might actually make things worse. "If you're worried your child is turning bad, like breaking bad, you start creating the conditions that you're most worried about by being worried about it," he said.

According to Business Insider, Season 2 will pick up just minutes after the big Season 1 cliffhanger. The Kings also teased to Business Insider that Leland will be seeking an exorcism in the Season 2 premiere. 

In happier news, Season 2 will feature more Ben (Aasif Mandvi), the third member of Kristen and David's team. "I think we underplayed Ben this year, because Ben is a fascinating character, as is [Aasif Mandvi] as an actor," Robert told EW. He added that he expected Ben's father to make an appearance in Season 2. Fans can also expect more of Ben's relationship with Vanessa (Nicole Shalhoub).


CBS hasn't released any new footage from Season 2 yet, but the cast gave fans something even better during their New York Comic Con panel: a dramatic, made-over-Zoom horror trailer featuring sound effects from Mandvi and one very good scream from Herbers. It's a must watch.

How to watch

Evil Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix and Paramount+

Evil Season 2 will premiere on CBS.