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Even Katia Winter Thinks Sleepy Hollow Has a Katrina Problem

But why fans might change their minds

Sadie Gennis

Although Katrina is heralded as a powerful witch and the love of Ichabod's life, all Sleepy Hollow fans have ever seen her do is be held captive and literally birth evil into the world (twice). Her lack of direction has been blamed for Sleepy's ratings decline in Season 2, while viewers' annoyance with the character has continued to grow. And the truth is, Katia Winter doesn't blame them.

The actress gets candid with TVGuide.com about what it's been like to play the controversial character and admits that even she has had trouble rooting for Katrina sometimes. However, Winter also reveals there are big changes ahead that might just be what it takes to change viewers' minds.

Read our full Q&A with Winter to find out what's next:

Last week's episode ended with a big twist between Henry and Katrina. What can you reveal about where that story line is going to go?
Katia Winter: It's going to take some big turns on Monday, for sure. I think for me, doing Katrina for nearly two years now, this has been the most fun toward the end of the season because I think she finally finds a purpose and somebody that's completely and utterly on her side. And she, for the first time, will take a stand in Episode 17. And she really finds her feet in the show. So I think hopefully fans will like it. I certainly enjoyed playing that aspect of Katrina and I really liked the direction it's going.

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The week before, we had finally gotten a Katrina story line that focused on her family's past rather than Katrina's romantic one. How did you feel when you saw that the show was going to explore that?
Great. I mean, I'd been pushing for Katrina to do more magic since Day 1 and finally, they've listened. And I think the fans have been wanting to see more of that too, because she's a witch. It's been fun to explore and see her family and her family line of witches and stuff. I think that's a reminder of how important that is for her. Ichabod doesn't understand it. When she meets the warlock, even though he's considered evil, he points that out to her. He says, "Look. You're like me. You should tap into your true magic." And I think she, especially in Episode 15, is kind of dumbfounded. She starts to reevaluate her life and the choices that she's made. I think she starts to really doubt that the choices that she did make were the right ones and maybe she doesn't belong here. Maybe she belongs somewhere else. And she's starting to explore that, obviously with the help of Henry, who is a very strong pull for her. There's nothing like a mother's love for her child. I think it's definitely heading into a good direction.

Is this a chance Katrina could switch sides?
Definitely. There's absolutely a chance. Good and evil, it's all a matter of perspective. Evil doesn't necessarily have to mean evil in Katrina's eyes. It's the reasoning behind it and taking a stand for something. And what she's done so far in Season 2 hasn't really worked for her. So maybe it's just a matter of accepting one's true self or maybe just exploring that side and seeing how that works out.

Why do you think they've kept Katrina away from her magical powers for so long?
I've been asking myself the very same question. I don't know. I've been able to use it at times. I think maybe they've been scared of making things too easy or making me too powerful. And also there's a reason for why she hasn't really been able to tap into the very, very, strong magic. Maybe because she's been using the wrong type of magic, which the warlock points out to her. So once she starts exploring that, there's an immense power. But then there's also a sacrifice coming with that.

If she does align herself with Henry, how will Ichabod react?
Winter: Wait until Monday, then you'll see! Not so well. Obviously, he feels betrayed and has been betrayed by Katrina many times. But it's her point of view. She doesn't see it that way. She's frustrated because nobody seems to understand that she did all those things for the greater good, for the bigger picture. She's not necessarily focused on these little things. I think this will probably be the ultimate betrayal in Ichabod's eyes, but it's a betrayal on both sides.

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Knowing that she is going to betray Ichabod again in Monday's episode, are you a little nervous about the fan reaction?
Maybe. Yeah, a little bit. I think it pans out. She doesn't really have a choice. And I'm hoping fans will be on board with the direction she's going. But it's always going to be mixed. There's always a divide. I am prepared for that.

Why do you think fans have had such a hard time connecting to and rooting for Katrina? Winter: God, I've had a hard time at times. I'm doing the best with what I've given. I'm not in control over the story lines, so I've at times been frustrated with certain things. So I totally see why it's been difficult for fans. Because Katrina wasn't really established in Season 1. She came out of Purgatory in Season 2 and Ichabod already has a relationship with Abbie that works great and they have great chemistry. I think Katrina hasn't really had her purpose until this point. She's been a source, an asset, in moments and times, and she's been torn between Ichabod and Headless. She's been trying to do this good thing, but she always seems to upset people. There's always someone upset with Katrina. Her son or Ichabod or Abbie or Headless, you know? She seems to be in that situation a lot, which has been frustrating on all ends. She might go to the evil side, but still that's a strong choice. She hasn't really had that strength that I think people expect from a witch. Especially because it's been said so many times in the series, "She's got so much power!" and then she hasn't been able to prove it yet. So I think that's where a lot of the frustration lies. And also the fact that a lot of people don't like the idea of Ichabod being with someone else other than Abbie. That doesn't help.

What do you think of the idea of Ichabod and Abbie getting together?
Um... I don't think that's ever been the plan. But I do see why people like them together. Their chemistry is great and the way the characters are written, it's really cool. I'm all for Abbie in that sense. People want them to get together romantically, [but] it would be a whole other show. Keeping Ichabbie for what it is now is great. And then whether Katrina will still exist or not, that's another question. But yeah, I'm all Ichabbie. I think they're definitely a good team. That's why they've had so many issues also, because Katrina is not Ichabod's partner in that sense anymore.

Sleepy Hollow still hasn't been renewed for Season 3. Is the cast and crew optimistic?
I think so. We'll see after these last two episodes, but I think so. Even though the ratings have dropped this year, we still have a good fan base out there. I'm thinking it's looking fairly good.

If it does get renewed, do you think there will still be a space in the show for Katrina?
Yeah, we've talked about that. ... It depends on what direction, what they want to do with her. I think that's a really important thing to discuss because it's been a tricky character to fit into this show now. I don't know. If we can agree on something that would be great, then yes. But if not, then it might be time to move on. Who knows? I don't know. It's too early to tell.

Are you excited to see Katrina finally get a purpose? Or do you hope she leaves Sleepy Hollow for good?

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