Say what you want about the Lyon family on Empire but they'll do whatever it takes to protect their dynasty, no matter the cost. And no one has gotten their hands dirtier than the family patriarch, Lucious (Terrence Howard). We've seen him cut down friends, enemies and even a few relatives in order to save himself and his family. Even so, almost every member of the Lyon clan has blood on their hands... except Hakeem (Bryshere "Yazz" Gray).

Despite his hard parting and expansive gun collection, the youngest Lyon has remained relatively innocent. However, his current beef with Blake (Chet Hanks) has led him down a dangerous path, endangering his kids in the process, and it's going to take a serious intervention to steer him back in the right direction. This exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's midseason finale reveals Lucious' attempt to do just that.

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In the chilling video, the Lyon family patriarch grills his son about thug life in a come-to-Jesus moment that should be essential viewing for all wannabe gangsters.

"I been strapped since I was 12 years old, son. Can you imagine? In the sixth grade having a gun?" Lucious said. "I carried out of necessity. Me and your mama, we lived that life so that you and your brothers wouldn't have to. But as it turns out, everyone in our family got blood on their hands except you Hakeem, which means it's time for me and your mama to really think about some of the karma we got coming to us. But it's not too late for you to pull yourself together."

The question is, will Hakeem listen to his father and get his life back on track?

Find out when Empire's midseason finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 8/7c on Fox.

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Terrence Howard and Bryshere Y. Gray, <em>Empire</em>Terrence Howard and Bryshere Y. Gray, Empire