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Gift Ideas for Fans of Eleven from Stranger Things

No need to explore the Upside Down

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Gift Ideas Inspired by Eleven from Stranger Things

It's almost time for the holidays, which means someone somewhere will be putting up their rainbow Christmas lights above a wildly scrawled alphabet to showcase their undying love of Netflix's Stranger Things. If you happen to have a loved one like that on your shopping list this year, we've got a few key gift ideas inspired by the series' badass telekinetic Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) that are sure to have them ~upside down~ with gratitude.

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Pass the syrup

If there's one thing that Eleven loves, it's her Eggos. But since not everyone likes their breakfast ice cold like she does, a sturdy waffle iron could be just the thing to celebrate El's favorite food without raiding the freezer aisle.

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Smell like El

Speaking of Eleven's most memorable meal preference, filling the room with the food's delicious fragrance is also an option for those that just can't leggo of those Eggos.

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Throwback time

Part of what makes Stranger Things such a pastiche piece of fun is that it features a lot of blasts to the past, and not just with its bevy of pop culture references. The fashion, accessories, and props are all very vintage, including the calculator watch Will gave to Eleven. It might seem like a relic, but they're still very much around and available for gifting nowadays, too.

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Pretty in pink

Cosplaying as Eleven in her signature pink dress is easy enough to do, since there are costuming options galore for that look. But rocking her style can be as easy as wearing a delicate pink top as well.

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Patch work

A simpler showing of El-legiance can be done with this patch that looks cute at first, until you notice that attack pose and the nosebleed that means she's just let someone have it.

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Warm up El style

What better way to brace for the elements than to channel one of Eleven's most memorable pieces, a peacock blue jacket?

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Getting cozy

Another sartorial option that can subtly show off some Eleven love is her brown-blue plaid lounge shirt that's still quite stylish in modern times.

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Sugar sugar

Another bit of nommage that El seemed particularly keen on was the ice cream at Benny's Burgers, so for that friend with a sweet tooth, an at-home ice cream maker might be a delicious holiday option.

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House of hamburgers

Speaking of the locale where we first met El, this Benny's Burgers T-shirt is an obscure enough reference to amuse any true Eleven fan without being too obvious about the fandemonium.

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Plush it up

The demogorgon Eleven took down in the epic first season finale was so, so ugly, but in Funko form, the thing's actually kind of cute.

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Time to look bitchin'

El's journey of self-discovery took a surprising turn when she trekked up to Chicago to reconnect with a gifted sister from the Department of Energy's secret experiments -- not only did she learn a little bit more about her own history, but she got a rad new makeover in the process as well. Achieving the look at home is simple enough with a little eyeliner smudging.

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Slick it back

Once Eleven's hair started to grow in a bit in Season 2, she didn't seem to know what to do with it. Most of the time, she let her curls hang loose which, sure El, you do you. But she seemed really at home in her locks once she ran some thick, very '80s-style moulding product through her 'do. Achieving Steve Harrington (Joe Keery)'s signature bouffant might be a tough feat for anyone, despite his detailed instructions about that Farrah Fawcett spray, but achieving El's look should be a cinch for just about anyone, with the right styling product.

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Pop that collar

Complete the badass El phase look with a bold-collared blazer with ¾ sleeves and thick shoulders. As a bonus, '80s fashions like this are very in right now.

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15 of 24 Walk and talk

K Shopping Ideas Inspired by Eleven from Stranger Things

Two-way radios might be way past their prime, but they're still useful for outdoors enthusiasts and will definitely harken back to Eleven and all the boys keeping tabs on each other during all of their Upside-Down adventuring.

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Mean jeans

Eleven's boyfriend cut overalls were were cozy wear goals and are still as stylish as ever.

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Hawkins proud

Eleven may have never been an official student at Hawkins Middle, but between her sneaking into the school in disguise, causing all kinds of ruckus in the auditorium, and attending the dance with Will, she might as well have a yearbook photo. So, this cool Hawkins Middle School AV Club hoodie is a sly way to channel her moxie.

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Total charmer

This bracelet has a lot of little winks to Eleven's story so far, including a blindfold, Will's bicycle, the boys' foreshadowing D&D piece, and more. El might not be big into baubles, but maybe she would be if she found this piece in that jewelry box.

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Baseball tee

Steve Harrington might be the one who swings the bat, but Eleven's definitely dressed the part in her past, and fans could easily honor her aesthetic with a choice three-quarter sleeve baseball tee.

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Take a dip

Eleven's sensory-deprivation experience in the water might have been the furthest thing from relaxing, but for the rest of us, watching her stretch out in that above-ground pool sends up some serious dreams of summer.

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Ring ring

Landlines might be a dying breed, but if your nice listee happens to have one, they still might look at this throwback phone with as much confusion and curiosity as El did, but, hey, it'll still work!

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Queue it up

Another item of severe interest to El is television. And since tube TVs have all but been phased out, one way to channel her surfing style is to couple the old with the new, with this vintage-looking cell attachment that has the practical benefit of enhancing the screen size on devices.

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Boogie time

El's final look of the second season marked yet another major makeover for her, as she strolled into school dance ready to own the place in her denim dress. Replicating the show-stopping look is as simple as pairing a knee-length denim shift dress with a hot pink waist belt.

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Shear it off

For those that might be inspired to buzz off their locks in celebration of El's badass baldness, a good set of shavers is essential.

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