Shameless star Emmy Rossum will make her directorial debut in the Showtime drama's next season.

Rossum will direct the fourth episode of next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rossum, 29, has played Fiona Gallagher, the de facto matriarch of the drama's central dysfunctional family, for over six seasons now. Even though this is her first time adding the title of director to her resume, Rossum's deft ability to center the show's drama — especially against heavyweights like co-star William H. Macy — makes us very excited to see what she'll do with an episode of her own.

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Rossum will be the first female cast member to helm an episode of the series. In fact, Macy is the only other cast member to have stepped behind the lens for Shameless (he directed an episode in Season 5). Rossum's episode is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 23, with Season 7 kicking off earlier that month on Oct. 2.

We're not the only ones excited to see what Rossum will do behind the camera. Her fiancee Sam Esmail — who will write and direct every episode of his series Mr. Robot this summer — is also expecting great things.

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