Sarah Chalke, <i>Scrubs</i> Sarah Chalke, Scrubs

Scrubs fans are hoping the on-again, off-again romance of J.D. and Elliot is resuscitated when the hospital-based sitcom returns for its eighth and final season on Jan. 6 on ABC. Sarah Chalke can't say for sure what happens, but she is hoping that her character and Zach Braff's J.D. go the way of Ross and Rachel and not Sam and Diane.

"I think they should be together," Chalke tells "I'm hoping for yes."

Several actors who played J.D.'s patients from prior seasons returned for the finale. "Zach's character turns the corner and sees all these faces from the past," Chalke shares. "Some people we hadn't seen in eight years!"

The actress says that that unlike other years, the Scrubs cast and crew knew that this season truly would be the last one. "It was really emotional and caught us off guard," she says of the show's final days. "Even the toughest grip was shedding a tear."

What's next for Chalke? The actress says she had a great time playing Stella, a potential baby mama to Josh Radnor's Ted on How I Met Your Mother last season. Even though viewers have learned she's not Ted's destiny, she wouldn't mind revisiting the series. "I had a great time working on that show."