Ellen Degeneres Ellen Degeneres

Daytime diva Ellen DeGeneres is going the variety-show route again, but brace yourselves people — this year is going to be Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show (premiering November 29 at 9 pm/ET on TBS).

"I think [the title] says it," DeGeneres said. "I think it's going to be the same kind of excitement, the same kind of acts [from last year's Really Big Show] that you have never seen before."

So what type of entertainment can you expect to see in the supersized, hodgepodge of a special? Performers from around the globe, hand selected by DeGeneres, will be featured as they showcase various talents, including magic, celebrity impressions, dancing, musical acts and comedy skits. "We brought in people from all over the world that are fascinating to watch, and I think most of you are going to just sit there and wonder how they even thought that [their talents] would be a possibility as a talent," says DeGeneres.

Of course, no Ellen-hosted show would be complete with out the funny-lady's own material, so viewers can expect to see DeGeneres make appearances in vignettes, as well as perform some of her much loved stand-up. "You know, there is really no difference between Ellen stand-up or Ellen the talk-show host — or Ellen even at home. This is sort of my humor that you see every day on the show and it always was when I did stand-up. It's just kind of commentating on absurdities and human behavior."

The comedian, who had many years of stand-up experience under her belt prior to her hugely successful talk show, revealed that she isn't like many of the comedians out there when it comes to prepping. "I never try out material. I write it and I just have a gut feeling and keep tweaking and tweaking and tweaking until I think have the wording right... and just say it." 

DeGeneres' variety special airs right smack in the middle of a tough holiday season and sour economy. "I think people need to laugh every day and I think even more so now.  I think that whether the economy is good or bad, the most important thing is to laugh... and feel good every single day."