My Name Is Earl
"Feliz Navibla!" Tonight teetered dangerously on the border of overly sentimental. Earl saving Christmas is too reminiscent of so many other holiday fables. Of course, over the years he'd ruined Christmas for Joy and the boys in some rather original ways, like by giving her such meaningful gifts as AA batteries, flavored condoms, and her own car keys, and by crashing the boys' bikes on a beer run. I just don't get why Earl feels he needs to repay Joy in such a generous way as giving her a car. He's probably done worse to Randy, and Randy's actually the one who won the car. I hope we get to see more of Buzz and Connie in the future. It was pretty brilliant how they started off looking like these Southern stereotypes, who'd "crap in a sock," according to Joy, if they found out she'd gotten divorced and married a black man. In reality, Connie (Brett Butler

!) was leading a double life as a compulsive gambler ("Don't judge me!") and Buzz wasn't racist, he'd just been protecting Joy from dating her half brother in high school. All that was way too much plot and not enough quotable lines. OK, there was Brett/Connie's "I'm a black pot, am I? That would turn you on, wouldn't it?" dance. You can cross me off the karma list if you give us more random humor soon, Earl.