"I don't think they like either of us," said Maggie to Ivette after hearing the jury's remarks. What a brilliant comment that so suits this whole show. But the quote of the night might have come from Howie, who told the finalists: "I'm stuck voting for America's last choices." Ah, Howie such a straight shooter, pulling no punches right until the end. Meanwhile, Maggie won the top prize, big surprise. So much for the "Summer of Secrets." I was hoping that Jen's vote would be swayed after Maggie denied her involvement in the Kaysar ouster, but I guess not. I also didn't realize that if Ivette had picked Janelle, the Friendship would have turned on her, per their agreement. Oh, well. I'd love to see a recap a week from now, showing how the sequestered houseguests react when they see themselves on TV. Especially Beau, who will likely be confused by his utter lack of airtime. Only the first-ousted Ashlea made less of an impression, and she didn't even get to talk during the finale. And though I know I was initially down on James, his honestly delighted face when he saw his girlfriend, Sarah, was so refreshing and sweet that I actually found myself hoping that they can put this whole experience behind them and stay together. Me, I'm just glad to get back my three-plus hours a week (reading about the live feeds can really suck up some time), which I will probably waste on teaching my Nintendog new tricks and watching more TV.