Donald Trump & Jimmy Fallon, <em>The Tonight Show</em> Donald Trump & Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Presidential candidate and inadvertent propagandist for radical Islam Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show Monday night and Jimmy Fallon pretended like Trump is any other starlet promoting a new sitcom and did a mock job interview asking him standard questions to determine if he's right for the position (he's not, but you wouldn't know it. Watching this, you'd think Trump was the nicest guy in the world).

It's pretty mild by Trump's standards, and he doesn't get into any hate speech like he usually does. He just says he brings people together (which is true: he unites people on both sides of the aisle in hate and anger, either at him or at everyone), that his greatest weakness is that he holds grudges (very presidential quality), and that he's willing to relocate for the job.

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It's not funny. Donald Trump shouldn't be appearing on comedy shows except to be satirized without mercy.