DJ AM, Steve-O DJ AM, Steve-O

MTV will try to lend a helping hand with its two new intervention-style projects: a documentary on Steve-O's drug addiction and recovery and a reality series with DJ AM.

Airing Sunday, May 3, at 10 pm/ET, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, a self-made documentary, will give fans an "explosive" inside look at the Jackass star's downward spiral into drug addiction and his ultimately successful quest to sober up with the help of his friends. The documentary culminates in his debut performance on Dancing with the Stars.

"This documentary captures the most frightening moments of my friend at the apex of his addiction. I know because I was there," said fellow Jackass Johnny Knoxville. "More importantly though, it offers hope, and documents the tremendous amount of courage and hard work on Steve-O's behalf to turn that hope into a healthy person."

MTV will also team up with DJ AM for a "tough-love" intervention show inspired by the celebrity spinner's success in overcoming drug addiction, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Gone Too Far will conduct interventions for people struggling with chemical dependency with the help of DJ AM and an addiction specialist.

DJ AM, who survived a September jet crash, revealed his drug addiction last year. He has been clean for a decade.