As the star of Disney Channel's No. 1 show, Lizzie McGuire (airing Fridays at 7:30 pm/ET), Hilary Duff is busier than your average junior high schooler. She's currently working on a feature film version of Lizzie, and she just wrapped work on the Disney TV movie Cadet Kelly. And on top of that, the up-and-comer is still recovering from last week's episode of Lizzie — which featured her first on-camera kiss!

Duff tells TV Guide Online that she caught some teasing from the show's cast and crew while trying to smooch her TV crush. "It was awkward," she giggles, "because they were all making fun of me and I was like, 'I can't wait for this to be over!'"

While she's the same age as her quirky character on Lizzie, the actress admits: "My life is a lot different because I don't go to middle school and I don't really go through some of the problems Lizzie goes through. [But] people relate with the show because Lizzie is so normal. Stuff that happens to her happens to normal 14-year-old girls."

Duff insists she doesn't have much scoop on Lizzie's in-the-works big-screen adventure — a project that's got the 'tween set buzzin' — although she does know the plot centers around a family trip. "We might be going to Rome or Hawaii or something," she enthuses. "That's pretty cool!"

Speaking of cool things, Duff endured a month of "military training" for the upcoming Disney Channel flick Cadet Kelly — which finds her "artsy" and "free-spirited" character trying to adapt to her surroundings when her mom marries the head of a military school. "It was a big change from Lizzie," she says, "but it was so much fun."