Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera, <I>Ugly Betty</i> Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera, Ugly Betty

About a week after Lindsay Lohan was abruptly cut from her agreed-up six-episode guest stint on Ugly Betty, Dina Lohan is speaking out about the New York Post's Page Six article that suggested a falling out between the show's star, America Ferrera, and LiLo, as well as some erratic behavior.

"Don't believe that article," Lohan said during Animal Fair's 8th Annual Halloween Pet Costume Party. "[Lindsay] really had a lot fun on Ugly Betty. It's long hours, and when you're on a movie set, it's a bit different. She's not used to television."  

In regards to the bad blood between her daughter and Ferrera, Lohan denied anything of the sort. "America's a doll. It's just silly." The reality mom further explained the rumors of Lindsay's indecent behavior on set. "There was not a posse. It was my mother, myself and Ali. And no one trashed the rooms. We had sushi. My mother's Italian, we cleaned up!"

So why the supposed lies? Lohan summed it up briefly. "We're a target. Whatever."

Do you think Dina is telling the truth? Are the Lohans just a "target"?