The CW's annual crossover event between its superhero series always provides some good laughs, some great fight scenes, and one or two OMG moments. This year, we got a legit OMFG moment from the character we least expected: John Diggle (David Ramsey).

In the Arrow episode of thethree-night crossover, the gang realized someone from another Earth was trying to breach in to warn them about imminent danger. That person turned out to be the Flash (John Wesley Shipp) from Earth 90, who was part of the '90s The Flash TV series. He was also part of the Justice League of America.

When he finally managed to breach, he explained that the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) was using the Book of Destiny to warp reality on various earths as a way of testing the so-called "heroes" there. The real shocker, though, came when he caught Diggle's eye and greeted him as if they were friends. He even mentioned that John wasn't wearing his ring.

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David Ramsey, <em>Arrow</em>David Ramsey, Arrow

Now, if a gasp worth of a telenovela didn't leave your mouth at that, let me explain. This reference all but confirms that John Diggle's Earth 90 counterpart is actually John Stewart, the Green Lantern in The Flash's Justice League of America. The Green Lantern is one superhero from the DC comics we've gotten little to no mention of in the Arrowverse until now, so his inclusion is obviously pretty exciting. Finally getting that little Easter egg isn't the only reason to be jazzed though. If we're lucky, we might actually get to see Diggle eventually become the Green Lantern.

At a press screening of the "Elseworlds" crossover, Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz played coy about whether or not John will be trying on any rings in the near future, saying only, "To be continued. We were all really excited about that fun nod, but I'm not sure what's to come of that really."

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It's hard not to get your hopes up at this possibility (even if the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds was terrible enough to make me hesitate). The hilarity that John Diggle, the guy who bemoans being at the center of all these meta-human/magical/alien-related showdowns, will one day find out that he's destined to be a soldier in an alien army core of flying warriors who use magical rings to manifest physical objects made of green light — that's just too good to pass up, right?

Hope springs eternal that next year's crossover, which we suspect will once again pit our heroes up against alien invaders, will bestow John Diggle with that iconic ring.

The Arrowverse three-night crossover event continues on Supergirl, airingTuesday, Dec. 11 at 8/7c on The CW.