Dexter Dexter

On Dexter, no prop is more iconic than the box Dexter Morgan uses to organize blood slides of his victims. And, TV Guide Magazine has learned exclusively, star Michael C. Hall gave an original box to his doctor after successful treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this year. "He's an oncologist, and I noticed he had his own collection of bone marrow blood slides," says Hall, recovered and back at work on Season 5 (premiering September 26 on Showtime). "Towards the end of my treatment, he started watching the show and was fascinated by the blood slides Dexter has. So I called our prop guy, who found a box I could give him. The first thing he did was put a blood slide of mine in the box."

"We only had one box," adds series' prop master Josh Meltzer. "Wooden slide boxes [like Dexter's] are antiquated, so I tracked down the manufacturer and somehow found a guy who sent me his last five. Now we have extras in case Dexter decides to go crazy and burn the box of blood slides and say, 'I'm done killing.'" As if that's going to happen.

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