Question: I'm very disappointed! You didn't say anything about Desperate Housewives in last week's AA.

Answer: I was waiting till I had something to say, and now I do: I've seen the season premiere and, save for the lame resolution of the Edie cliff-hanger, the episode is actually pretty good. All of the actors seem on top of their game, including Dana Delany and Nathan Fillion, who are fantastic as the sorta-new couple on the block. On the spoiler front, I can tell you that this season's big mystery centers on what happened to Delany's daughter (Lyndsy Fonseca) during their early days on Wisteria Lane. There's also a big baby twist, a funny sight gag involving a barbecue fork that underrated funny lady Marcia Cross just nails, and a housewife's death is averted by none other than Mrs. McClusky.