X-Files fans may have felt last month's season finale — featuring a climactic smooch between proud parents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) — was out of this world, but Duchovny saw it as a major kiss-off.

"We were doing the last two episodes and I felt like, 'This isn't a resolution for my character,'" the Evolution star tells TV Guide Online. "'We're resolving things that had nothing to do with Mulder.' I felt like it was a lost opportunity. I felt like the last two episodes could have been a real send-off for Mulder."

Part of the problem, insiders suggest, is that X-Files creator Chris Carter didn't know for sure whether the two-part finale was Mulder's swan song. It was only last week that Duchovny put the truth out there, announcing that he would not be returning for a ninth season in any capacity. But the actor shoots down that theory, noting that he "told Chris the whole year that I was 99 percent sure that I wasn't coming back."

Regarding the much-talked-about buss, Duchovny reveals that he and Anderson had precious little time to reach for those breath mints. "They have this idea over at the X-Files that stuff might get stolen and put on the Internet," he groans. "It p---es me off because I'm an actor, and I'd like to have the scenes more than two hours before I play it. It's all a big mystery.

"I think it was written that Scully gives Mulder a kiss on the forehead," he continues of the tender parting shot. "I was so confused at that point that I didn't trust my feelings about it. I have so many personal feelings about it; it was eight years of my life. I didn't know what would be an appropriate ending. [Director] Kim Manners and I were discussing it and he said, 'We've done that a hundred times, the whole hand-holding and kiss on the forehead. We should do a real kiss.' And I thought, 'Yeah, that feels right. At least it's something different at the end.'"

But is it really the end? Duchovny says that he hasn't ruled out reprising his role in another X-Files movie. "If they wrote a good X-Files script, I would look at it the way I look at any script," he says, "which is, I would really want it to be good."