After making more than 200 episodes and two X-Files movies, you'd think David Duchovny would have a pretty strong grasp of why people are so devoted to the Fox franchise. But apparently, it took a few fan-made videos on YouTube dedicated to Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Mulder's relationship for the star to finally understand why people are so invested in the duo's relationship.

"For some reason, I got diverted on YouTube to some fan compilations putting Mulder-Scully stuff with songs," Duchovny explains in the video above. "I was watching a couple of these and I was like, 'Man, these are really moving!'

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"I kind of got it for a second," Duchovny says, "but it was more like an appreciation of how it's appreciated. Because honestly, we're going to sit here and get asked this question all day long for the rest of our lives and we don't have a f---ing clue. We're just doing it."

See what else Duchovny has to say in the video above.

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