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Charlie Cox Sends Heartfelt Message to Daredevil Fans Trying to Save the Show

'I love the show so much that I'm feeling the same feelings'

Amanda Bell

Netflix's cancellation of Marvel's Daredevilhas hit fans hard, but they're not going away without a fight.

A well-organized fan campaign to save the show has caught the attention of some of the series' central cast members, including Charlie Cox, who has endorsed the effort and encourages fans to sign the Change.org petition that's already garnered over 192,000 signatures.

The actor has now offered a message to the thousands of tireless fans who've been using email and social media to show their enthusiasm for renewal outside of the streaming service, telling ComicBook.com, "Just thank you. Just, thank you, and it's so cool that people care that much."

Cox went on to add that he, too, has been feeling the sting of Netflix's decision to can the superhero series. "I love the character so much, I love the show so much that I'm feeling the same feelings," he said. "I'm feeling the disappointment, I'm feeling the sadness, I'm feeling the anger about it and I'm trying not to." Cox noted that these sort of petitions don't always yield the kind of results fans might hope for, but "hope[s] that in this day and age the people who make those decisions do listen to what's going on online and if we make a big enough splash then maybe something can be done."

Fans initiated the effort to help Daredevil find new housing outside of its original locale Netflix, where such a plea probably be DOA, focusing the attention on Disney HQ instead.

Fellow show stars Vincent D'Onofrio and Amy Rutberg also gave the campaign a nudge on Twitter as fans initiated a wave of letter-writing to Disney.

Charlie Cox said of the effort, "I found out the other day there's this petition, #SaveDaredevil," Cox mentioned over the weekend during a panel at ACE Comic Con. "You can sign it. Sign it!"

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In particular, fans are hoping to catch the attention of one of the company's executives, Kevin Mayer, who'd previously signaled the studio's potential willingness to revive some of the Marvel shows that have been halted by Netflix in the wake of Disney+'s arrival to the streaming scene.

In addition to directing mail to Disney, the campaign has also directed fans to reach out -- with thematic message napkins, no less -- to Marvel Studios as well. "Netflix has made it clear they're no longer an option for renewal, but we can focus our energy toward Marvel to let them know we're here to fight for Daredevil," the campaign states on its website. On top of the letter-writing effort, there's also a Change.org petition which has, as of this writing, amassed over 88,000 signatures.

Daredevil was one of the most popular series on Netflix ahead of its cancellation, so if any of the cast-away series (so far, Iron Fistand Luke Cagehave also been canned, but both The Punisherand Jessica Jones' cast and crews may also receive their pink slips after this year's new seasons air) could state a clear case for being restored in full on Disney+, this may be the one. Especially since it looked like Season 4 was well on its way to creative development before Netflix gave it the ax.

In the past, such resurrection campaigns have yielded mixed results. While Netflix's Sense8 and NBC's Timeless were both given two-hour bonus finales after fan petitions proved a continued interest in the properties, those who tried to save Freeform's Shadowhunters were subtly mocked by the network.

Marvel's Daredevil is streaming on Netflix.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include Charlie Cox's comments.