Nancy Grace Nancy Grace

It's not easy risking personal humiliation on national television. Just ask Nancy Grace, the pit bull-like former prosecutor who is struggling to get into her Dancing With the Stars groove. "I was an emotional wreck this week, trying to dance," Grace said moments after her performance of the quick step. She was also still reeling from the low score (a 16) given to her first dance last week, for the cha cha. "I worked my fingers to the bone. We had practiced the cha cha so much, but then I didn't deliver on the dance floor."

Grace is the first to admit that she has trouble accepting the concept of not excelling at something when she's working so hard and was very disturbed when she was in the bottom three on last Tuesday's results show. "You have to listen to what Tom [Bergeron] says," advises pro Karina Smirnoff. "Being in the bottom three doesn't necessarily mean that you got the least amount of votes."

But that didn't stop Grace from having nightmares all week about ending up there again. "I know it was wrong," she said, "but as I was walking to the stage tonight, I remembered what it was like to be in jeopardy last week. It's very difficult to go out into the public eye and risk a personal failure. I've been worried all week." Which is why she had a meltdown in rehearsals with her understanding pro, Tristan McManus. "When you're practicing hours and hours every day, in one room, and things don't go well? I mean, sometimes, it explodes," says Grace. "But I don't think we were ever in jeopardy of not being a team."

Lucking, Grace ended last night's show solidly in the middle of the pack, scoring a very respectable 21. "It was a better night," she said, finally smiling.

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